Hire Me

I'm a performance-focused Node.js engineer. I primarily work with Node / Express / MongoDB stack though if the project demands, I use a sub-stack too.

For simple websites, the full-stack is an overkill. I go for a Jamstack solution in such cases.

While working on a project, my emphasis is on making an accessible solution that isn't sluggish, and at the same time, generates leads/conversions for my client.

I collaborate with the design team and other SDLC entities to get the job done. While working with the team, I proactively give my feedback on the UI/UX to fulfill the latter part.

If you're considering me for your project, here are some of the reasons we shouldn't get in touch.

  1. You're looking for the lowest price.
  2. You want to get the project done in a short period.
  3. You are looking for a consultant for your project.
  4. You're looking for someone to troubleshoot your existing project.
  5. You want a collaborator for a half-done project.

If none of these reasons apply, I'd love to work with you. Feel free to drop me an email at contact [ at ] tld. The more details (about the project) I get in the email, the faster I'll get back to you. I generally reply within 2-3 working days.

I'm looking forward to working together. 🙂