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Rajeev Edmonds - Front-end web developer

Rajeev Edmonds is a freelance front-end web developer with strong roots of systems programming building both for Linux and Windows platforms. He holds a Master's Degree in Computer Applications with 12+ years of hands on experience of software design and development.

He started his career as a C/C++ programmer building IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) applications for Windows and Linux platforms. After the explosion of World Wide Web, he specialized in front-end development (HTML, CSS & JavaScript) and started building business websites both for small to medium-sized businesses as well as for the individuals.

While building custom web designs, he stresses on a fast, portable and reusable code base. This helps in keeping clients' websites in good health and make them easily extensible in the long run. He prefers to code a design from scratch using a bare-bones framework to ensure the production code is compact, easily extensible and free from bloat.

If you're looking to get a blazing fast custom web design for your website or blog that helps you grow your online presence, look no further and share the brief details to kick-start the process.